Are you tired of...
Registering for mobile money?
Credit checks and rejections?
Mobile money that can't travel?
Painful remittance fees?
Frustrating remittance delays?
Misuse, or abuse, of your data?
There is a solution.

Fast. Secure. Worldwide.

Welcome to the blockchain.

Your financial history is irrelevant.
No registration or credit check is required. All you need is a secure wallet. Learn more about the Coinomi wallet.
Your privacy is guaranteed.
No personal data is ever stored on the Kobocoin blockchain. Let's keep your personal information out of this.
It's your money. Keep more of it.
KOBO transaction fees are minimal compared to other services.
Trade across borders with ease.
Do your thing wherever you are. Your transactions are typically confirmed in under a minute, worldwide.
KOBO cannot be faked or forged.
Your activity is secure. 15 cryptographic hashing algorithms secure the blockchain and transaction ledger.
Be excellent. Be eco-friendly.
The Kobocoin ecosystem uses a fraction of the energy of most cryptocurrencies.

Buy & Sell KOBO

Buying and selling KOBO on the global cryptocurrency exchanges is not for the faint hearted. We're working hard to make things easier. The easiest way to get KOBO will always be to trade person-to-person for it.