Mobile Wallets

Buy or sell in over 150 world currencies! Click Here to see the full list.

  • Mobile Wallet Features

    - Trade in over 150 world currencies - Click Here to see the full list
    - No registration required. Download your wallet, and get started
    - Display of Kobocoin amount in Kobo, Manilla, and Cowrie
    - Address book for regularly used Kobocoin addresses
    - When you're offline, you can still pay via Bluetooth
    - System notification for received coins

    Desktop Wallet

    Desktop Wallet Features

    - Staking - 10% growth annually (minted daily) on coins held for over 24hrs
    - Windows Installer
    - QR Code Support
    - Private Messaging
    - Currency denominations KOBO, MANILLA, and COWRIE available
    - Globally dispersed DNS seeders ensure reliabiity

    Source Code

    Mobile Wallets

    As soon as you start your mobile wallet the first time, please back it up and keep the backup somewhere safe (you will be given the option to email it to yourself).

    If you use multiple receiving addresses please backup your wallet after adding any new receive address

    Desktop Wallets

    As soon as you start your desktop wallet the first time, please encrypt it with a password (passphrase). This is your digital pin number. No funds can be withdrawn from your wallet without your password.

    Do not lose or forget your password. Without a password, your balance cannot be retrieved. Please keep a copy of your password somewhere secure.

    Existing Users

    Please backup your wallet before upgrading